Guodong Du


Intelligent Multimedia Technology(IMT) Lab
Department of Artificial Intelligence
School of Informatics
Xiamen University

Email: duguodong189 [at] or duguodong [at]



Guodong Du is currently a third year Ph.D student in the Intelligent Multimedia Technology (IMT) Lab at the Xiamen University, under the supervision of Prof. Shaozi Li. He received the M.S. Degree in Computer Technique in 2018 from Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China. Born in Qufu, Shandong Province, China, the hometown of Confucius. His research interests mainly focus on data mining, machine learning and its applications in healthcare. To be more specific, he is interested in multi-label learning, data fusion, feature selection, class-imbalance learning and decision systems. He have published several papers on top-tier journals such as Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS) and Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI). He have served as a Reviewer for many international journals and top conferences, such as IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS), International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics (JBHI), International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applied Intelligence. Meanwhile, he have participated all the way in many medical data mining projects' applications and research. In addition, he receive Scholarship Awardee selected by China Scholarship Council (CSC), ACM SIGKDD 2020 Student Registration Award and NeurIPS 2020 Financial Assisance Award.


Towards Graph-based Class-imbalance Learning for Hospital Readmission
Guodong Du, Jia Zhang, Fenglong Ma, Min Zhao, Yaojin Lin & Shaozi Li.
Expert Systems with Applications 2021  

Learning from Class-imbalance and Heterogeneous Data for 30-day Hospital Readmission
Guodong Du, Jia Zhang, Shaozi Li & Candong Li.
Neurocomputing 2021   

Joint Imbalanced Classification and Feature Selection for Hospital Readmissions
Guodong Du, Jia Zhang, Zhiming Luo, Fenglong Ma, Lei Ma & Shaozi Li.
Knowledge-Based Systems 2020   

Towards Chinese Clinical Named Entity Recognition by Dynamic Embedding using Domain-specific Knowledge
Yuan Li, Guodong Du, Yan Xiang, Shaozi Li, Lei Ma, Dangguo Shao, Xiongbin Wang & Haoyu Chen.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2020   

Joint Multi-label Classification and Feature Selection Based on Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis
Liang Dai, Guodong Du, Jia Zhang, Candong Li, Rong Wei & Shaozi Li.
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 2020   

A Microcosmic Syndrome Differentiation Model for Metabolic Syndrome with Multilabel Learning
Shujie Xia, Jia Zhang, Guodong Du, Shaozi Li, Chi Teng Vong, Zhaoyang Yang, Jiliang Xin, Long Zhu, Bizhen Gao & Candong Li.
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2020   

Multi-feature Dynamic Weighted Graph Convolution Network [in Chinese]
Zhihao Yang, Weili Jiang, Guodong Du, Yan Xiang, Lei Ma, Dangguo Shao & Jialin Yang.
Journal of Chinese Computer Systems (小型微型计算机系统) 2020   

Prediction of 30-Day Readmission: An Improved Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Approach
Guodong Du, Lei Ma, Jin-Shan Hu, Junpeng Zhang, Yan Xiang, Dangguo Shao & Hongbin Wang.
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics 2019   

Brief modeling study of OSAHS patients screening from snoring persons based on ROSE and C5.0 algorithm [in Chinese]
Guodong Du, Yunhui Lv, Lei Ma, Yan Xiang, Dangguo Shao, Qiang Lei & Rong Hu.
Computer Engineering and Applications (计算机工程与应用) 2018   

Effects of continuous positive airway pressure on blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea: a systematic review and meta-analysis of six randomized controlled trials
Qiang Lei, Yunhui Lv, Kai Li, Lei Ma, Guodong Du, Yan Xiang & Xuqing Li.
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia 2017  


National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC No. 61702069), Project Member (Rank 3rd), 2018-2020

Chinese Patents

Lei Ma & Guodong Du, A Method of Processing Class-imbalance Medical Data, CN 201810198315.X (Under Verification).

Chinese Softwares

Guodong Du, Lei Ma, Yan Xiang, Shihong Yang & Peng Li, Open Laboratory Management System V1.0, 2016SR187713.

Yan Xiang, Peng Gui, Dangguo Shao & Guodong Du, Data Acquisition and Analysis System for CPAP V1.0, 2016R11L011117

Academic Service

Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

Invited Reviewer for Briefings in Bioinformatics

Invited Reviewer for International Journal of Intelligent Systems

Invited Reviewer for Artificial Intelligence Review

Invited Reviewer for Knowledge-Based Systems

Invited Reviewer for IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

Invited Reviewer for Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Invited Reviewer for Computers in Biology and Medicine

Invited Reviewer for Applied Intelligence

Invited Reviewer for Neural Processing Letters

Invited Reviewer for Soft Computing

Invited Reviewer for Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

Invited Serviced as IEEE BIBM 2021 Program Committee Member

Invited Serviced as ACM SIGKDD 2021 Volunteer

Invited Serviced as NeurIPS 2020 Volunteer

Invited Serviced as ACM SIGKDD 2020 Volunteer

Invited Participate in Summer School on Visualization and Visual Analytics

Teaching Assistant

Computer Vision (Xiamen University) Course for Graduate Students (Instructor: Prof. Shaozi Li & Songzhi Su), 2019.09-2020.01

Awards and Honors

ACM SIGKDD 2021 Student Registration Award, 2021

MICCAI 2021 Student Participation Award, 2021

Scholarship Awardee selected by China Scholarship Council (CSC), 2020

NeurIPS 2020 Financial Assisance Award, 2020

ACM SIGKDD 2020 Student Registration Award, 2020

Outstanding Winner of 1st Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest For PhD Candiadates of CMS, 2019

National Graduate Scholarship, 2018

Outstanding Winner of Global Mathematical Modeling Certificate Contest, 2016

National Scholarships, 2012

Second Prize of National Mathematical Modeling Competition, 2011

Co-authors and Friends

Dr. Jia Zhang, Jinan University, China

Prof. Fenglong Ma, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. Junpeng Zhang, Dali University, China

Prof. Yaojin Lin, Minnan Normal University, China

Dr. Tung On Yau, Nottingham Trent University,UK

Dr. Tao Feng, Sichuan University, China

Dr. Lei Li, Xiamen University, China

Dr. Sheng Lian, Xiamen University, China

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